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Kaiser Permanente Research Bank

The Kaiser Permanente Research Bank is a collection of health information and blood samples shared by volunteers like you. This information helps doctors and researchers discover ways to help people live healthier lives. Many members join the Research Bank with the hope that sharing their information will help find solutions for an illness that affects their family.

For questions and to learn more, call us at: 1-844-268-2947

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KP Research Bank


The Lifestyle, Culture, and Health Project

Our goal is to contribute knowledge about the relations among lifestyle, personality, culture, and health over the lifespan. The Lifestyle, Culture, and Health Project (LCH) is a joint effort of the Oregon Research Institute and the Kaiser Permanente Center for Integrated Health Care Research located in Hawaii. We are continuing to locate people who participated in an earlier study during the years 1959-1967 as elementary school students in Hawaii. Participants associated with the project visit our research clinic at Dole Cannery in Honolulu, receive phone interviews, and complete surveys by mail or online. 

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Oncology Research Program

Oncology clinical trials are offered as options for the treatment of cancer. We handle pharmacy, regulatory, and patient related activities locally for pharmaceutical industry studies. We also have access to cooperative group studies as an integral part of the Kaiser Permanente National Cancer Institute (NCI) Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP) consortium. We work with pharmaceutical industry leaders who are testing novel agents and require further testing and data, to support applications for approval to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). All study investigators and providers, including our nursing and pharmacy staff, are trained and certified for their role on these clinical trials. Our oncology patients have an opportunity to voluntarily enroll in these studies provided they meet specific enrollment conditions. Kaiser Permanente is proud to be recognized as a national leader in clinical trials enrollment and contributions to the scientific community at large.

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